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What storage topic is on your mind? Let’s make it “Your Storage Blog” and win a Seagate drive!

We’ve blogged about storage trends and provided updates on storage technology and products. We’ve offered tech tips as well as shared insight into Seagate’s business.

Now we’re interested in hearing from you. Next week we’ll begin a blog for Bright Side of News and we want this to be reflective of ideas coming from you. So what topics do you want to learn more about? Share your input with us here and if we select your question or suggestion, you will win a Seagate 1TB FreeAgent GoFlex hard drive!

Here’s all that you have to do. Post your storage-related comment or question HERE at this Seagate blog landing page at the comments section here below and label it BSN. For example, “BSN: I would like to know why…?”, or “BSN: What’s Seagate’s view on…etc?” Or push us outside the envelope with your questions. The content is up to YOU. Note that the system monitors and approves incoming comments before they post to this Seagate page.

The winning questions/suggestions will be chosen by us each month and announced at Bright Side of News. That’s it! We’ll share your question or comment at the BSN blog and then send you your prize.

We look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas for “Your Storage Blog”! ENTER today by posting your comment below!


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  • Chris G Says:

    BSN: When will solid state memory completely replace traditional hard drive platters?

  • Michael Bashista Says:

    BSN: With typical drive capacities so large 1-3 TB for current home systems due to all music, pictures and video being stored as well as many files and email – backup is more and more important. I know cloud is available but it could quickly become very expensive, requires a lot of transfer bandwidth and time, plus having that important data in someone elses hands where a company could close or be sold [not uncommon these days]. I would feel better having a local backup of data and a system image for faster recovery in the event of failure. If I don’t want to rely on a single drive backup [any drive can possibly fail], what would be the best raid format to use to provide capacity as well as best recoverability at the best pricepoint?

  • Johnson Tran Says:

    BSN: What is the largest hard drive size a consumer can purchase?

  • Thomas Dahm * Says:

    BSN: How big do you think home storage devices can get?

  • BSN: Will future external hard drives contain multiple hard drives for extra storage or is there still the ability to fit more space on a single hard drive?

  • BSN: how hot should your hard drive normally operate at?

  • What’s Seagate’s view on SAN storage.

  • Alexander S Says:

    what topics do I want to learn more about is Virtualization Solutions for server consolidation

  • Alexander S Says:

    BSN:What topics do I want to learn more about is Virtualization Solutions for server consolidation

  • Chris B Says:

    BSN: Why are Solid State drives so expensive?? I would prefer to use them for my storage, but I can’t afford them.

  • BSN: What role do you see Solid State Drives playing in the future and what do you expect to see in their potential over the next 5 years?

  • BSN: With 1-3 TB drives pretty much normal for home and small business now adays … speed in accessing information becomes critical. What improvements in formatting, defraging and HHD failure monitoring is Seagate working on?

  • Kyle Browning Says:

    I am a novice at best with technology so for all the laymen out there what features does this have to prevent loss or damage to memory if dropped. If none are there plans in the future to make them more durable.

  • Qui Tan Says:

    BSN:what is the speed for thunder bolt transfer rate on seagate harddrive with go flex connector

  • Ciaran Hoffner Says:

    BSN: When will SSDs reach a price that cheap people like myself can buy them?

  • BSN: With the current state the retail market with direct correlation with Nammadol, do you have plans on opening a new Manufacturing Plant in the United States or expanding current operations?

  • Mark Soper Says:

    BSN: With hard disk capacities ever growing, we need new methods for managing personal and small business storage to make access to frequently-used data faster and easier. Is Seagate contemplating any type of hierarchical storage management (HSM) for use on desktop and laptop PCs?

  • James C. Says:

    BSN: You have the GoFlex™ TV, will we see any more products from Seagate that will make it into consumers homes, to enhance our home entertainment experience?

  • Pete Borini Says:

    How does Seagate keep hard drive operating temperatures under control?

  • BSN: Are there any new storage form factors on the horizon? (i.e. form factors that acknowledge that fewer and fewer people are looking for disks to slot into a desktop case – so perhaps other sizes and shapes of storage devices might offer new functionality. A few examples might be storage that replaces DVD/BlueRay slots in laptops (w/o wasting space) or perhaps more interestingly storage forms that allow for even smaller & more portable external storage.

  • Harpreet Sandhu Says:

    BSN: How will you compete with cloud storage?

  • BSN: Is it OK to be using typical (non-SSD) hard drives in a moving vehicle or airplane? And for that matter, what about SSDs?

  • I own a small automotive repair business. Do you have a fire safe HD? My safe has 4 hour protection, but please – those boys never put the backups away LOL.

  • Josh Gowan Says:

    BSN: What is the advantage of having a external hard drive?

  • BSN: Do you think storage will go all SSD someday? If so, when?

  • Javier Bravo Says:

    BSN: What is your plan to produce affordable higher capacity consumer drives while still offering the best performance and reliability?

  • BSN: how does Seagate stand out from its competitors?

  • BSN: Does vertical or horizontal orientation of the hard drive affect performance or lifetime?

  • Christine Says:

    Which software programs do you recommend to defragment and format a Seagate drive?

  • BSN: When will SSD surpass platter drives?

  • BSN: How will Seagate remain competitive as SSD technology becomes cheaper?

  • Jason Isle Says:

    With the speed advantage of solid state drives, is there any need (or point) in setting up a RAID array anymore?

  • Robin Bullock Says:

    Is there any possibility of SSD ever replacing the hard drives in gaming consoles?

  • Alan Mackulin Says:

    I work in the film and television production industry. Will hard drives completely phase out motion picture film and video tapes?

  • Is there an external hard drive that works for both a Windows PC and a Mac at the same time?

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