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Performance demo pits Seagate Momentus XT against SSDs and HDDs

At last week’s Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA, Seagate had set up its booth with numerous demonstrations that were the talk of the show floor. These real world demonstrations compared the Seagate Momentus XT solid state hybrid drive against a number of SSDs and HDDs in notebook performance tests.

The Momentus XT solid state hybrid drive, a 7200RPM drive with up to 500GB of capacity, boots up to 50 percent faster than traditional 5400RPM drives and sets new benchmarks for real-world system performance for laptops and gaming systems. Seagate’s Adaptive Memory™ technology is key to the drive’s speed, optimizing its performance by moving frequently used information into the 4GB of onboard solid state memory for faster bootup and application access.

Seagate senior product marketing manager Joni Clark is the host in the video below and runs us through the demo. Besides Seagate, the video includes featured products from Apple, HP, and Intel. Enjoy!

Seagate Flash Memory Summit Demo


  • Terry Miller Says:

    Good job Joni!!!!

  • Bruce Johnson Says:

    Really exciting to watch the progress of the Momentus XT. Do we believe it will take a second source and competition to really make it the dominant approach for notebooks or workstations.

  • Typically with sourcing of any components, you are correct in that OEMs do generally prefer a second source of a given technology in order to ensure supply availability. Fortunately Seagate has a proven, long-standing and very trusting relationships with its OEMs, so second-sourcing isn’t as much of an issue for us. Our manufacturing, global supply, and support operations processes are very efficient and have been for a long time.

    Regarding future adoption and general direction of the technology, Seagate CEO Steve Luczo has also stated that he believes about 80% of our drives will be hybrids within 5 years.

    Again, thank you for reading and for posting your question.

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