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Need a 3.0TB ready motherboard?

The Barracuda XT 3.0TB drive is here, and you can be sure there are more 3.0TB drives coming in the months ahead. The question being, is your PC ready for it, or if you are in the market for a new desktop, what should you be looking for in terms of a system capable of handling >2.1TB?  The main thing to consider is the motherboard.  Both Asus and now MSI have introduced technology to ensure compatibility with drives greater than 2.1TB.

MSI’s 3TB+ Infinity technology announced today, MSI’s press release indicates: “MSI, the world-renowned motherboards and graphics cards manufacturer, has officially launched the unique technology to support hard drives larger than 3TB – 3TB+ Infinity; not only breaking through the limit of traditional BIOS, but also enhancing the utilization of hard drives efficiently. In addition to supporting the latest 3TB hard drives, MSI 3TB+ Infinity technology can use the 3TB hard drive as boot disk when installing a 64-bit operating system. Compared to competitors, MSI 3TB+ Infinity is an industry-leading technology which substantially presents an advantage of development and application in the future. From now on, all users who buy or own MSI mainboards are able to download and update the latest BIOS via the official website. Then you can easily experience complete support for any 3TB hard drive with the 3TB+ Infinity technology.”

For a chart of MSI motherboards with support for 3TB+ Infinity click here.
For support in setting up 3TB+ Inifinity, click here.

In a Storage Effect post I wrote back in November 2010 I called out Asus as one company, best known for motherboards, that is diving in head first to provide the capabilities to take advantage of greater than 2.2TBs today. They call their patent pending technology Asus Disk Unlocker.  This free download is designed to take the headache out of integrating drives larger than 2.2TB, and it works with every Asus motherboard. Asus says,“All you have to do is to download it from Once installed, it will immediately enable access to hidden space. Disk Unlocker comes with a user-friendly interface and is incredible easy to use.” Read the rest of the story.

Kudos to Asus and MSI!

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  • Why would you use a 3TB drive for booting? What a silly idea.

  • Roberto| Says:

    That’s right, i would use it for storing all my precious data, videos, photos, etc., but not fot booting, in that case i would use an sdd.

  • David Lean Says:

    @Devon. Why not use a 3TB drive for booting?
    Are you saying that single drive systems should be constrained to >2.2TB of disk space?

    Many systems will only fit 2 drives. Many users feel reliability is more important than raw I/O performance. Hence a pair of these drives in a RAID 1 config is a better fit for them.

    SSD drives are nice, but given the usage patterns for most desktop users they are more likely to benefit from using the $$ to add more RAM (less paging).

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