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BlackArmor® NAS firmware upgrade includes Additional Mac® computer and iTunes® support

Time Machine® Support

The BlackArmor® NAS product line is now compatible with Time Machine® backup software for Mac® computers.  Small businesses are increasingly becoming mixed environments, where both Windows® and Mac® based computer systems work side by side.  The BlackArmor® NAS products already include business-grade BlackArmor® backup software (powered by Acronis®) that performs robust full system backup and restores for multiple Windows® and Mac® computers.  With the newest BlackArmor® NAS firmware, Mac® users now have the option to use either the BlackArmor® backup software or Time Machine® software – which is a standard software feature on most Mac® computers.  BlackArmor® NAS products are now automatically recognized by Time Machine® and can be designated as the target storage for Time Machine® backups.  Click here for instructions on how to use Time Machine® backup software with your BlackArmor® NAS product.

iTunes® Server Support

The new BlackArmor® NAS line is also fully compatible with the latest iTunes® server (10.x), providing music enthusiasts with market leading iTunes server support.  Keeping current with the latest iTunes release is an important feature for NAS users who actively manage large media collections.  It is important for NAS products to not help you continuously protect your digital content, but allow you to continuously enjoy it as well.

BlackArmor® NAS customers can download this free firmware by clicking here.


  • would be nice to see a walkthrough of the time machine support… or adding the info into the documentation… because after the upgrade time machine still has no idea that I have NAS that is supposedly compatible.

  • Here’s a link for detailed instructions on how to use Time Machine software with your BlackArmor NAS.

    It is very easy to use with BlackArmor. You can also find similar instructions by searching on “Time Machine” in the Help function in your BlackArmor software interface.

  • Thanks – going to be reviewing this shortly on


  • Great little device. First time I have set up a server and it was quite easy to follow on this device. It seems to work very well.

    I am a little disappointed that I have to have my PC running to operate iTunes Home Sharing even though my iTunes library is now on the NAS. I guess the NAS cannot operate iTunes Home Sharing on its own without a PC? Seems the library file will reside on the PC. Perhaps this is possible? Can someone please advise.

    Would be great to turn on Home Sharing on the server.

  • @Jason: There appears to be a bug in the current firmware that makes the iTunes server incompatible with iTunes v10.2+. The media server will appear under shared libraries, but you can’t actually access any of the files. I also haven’t been able to figure out how to stream movies to iTunes from the server. It may not be possible.

    But, it isn’t actually using Home Sharing. If you want to use it that way (to stream to IOS devices) then yes, you have to have a PC running.

  • Sardonick Says:

    Anybody get the NAS to NAS backup working? I’ve got dual 110 2tb drives and it will not do active copy. It will setup, and that’s it.

  • Yeah..

    Otherwise great advice on the Time Machine except the option to enable it isn’t there when you first install the drive. Nor is the search “Time Machine” on the Help very productive. You have to update the Firmware first (mine was 1000.0331) – one minor distraction there is that the automatic updater says it is up to date. You have to manually find it from the Seagate website (1000.1211 was available) and then install it. It would be quite polite to include this advise also, instead of letting the user browse around the menus for umpteen times before giving up or using the InterWeb.


  • Hendrik Says:

    1 Is it possible to access mediafiles directly with iPad?
    2 is it possible to sort mediafiles based in tracknumber?

    Who knows a solution ?



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