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Good Things Come in 3 TBs…..

With the recent introduction of 3 terabyte (TB) hard drives to the marketplace, Seagate is now offering the industry’s highest-capacity, 4 and 2-bay, desktop network attached storage solutions.

Seagate’s (4-bay) BlackArmor® NAS 440 network storage server is now available in a whopping 12TB solution and comes pre-populated with (4) 3TB drives.  Similarly, the (2-bay) BlackArmor® NAS 220 network storage server now comes in a hefty 6TB option that includes (2) 3TB drives.  Both the BlackArmor® NAS 440 and BlackArmor® NAS 220 network storage servers are designed to help businesses with up to 50 employees and little or no IT support, centralize and secure data with maximum uptime and data integrity.

BlackArmor key features:

  • Industry leading storage capacity options
  • Full-system, automatic backup for network connected PCs
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 or JBOD configuration options
  • Support for Windows Server 2008  
  • Unparalleled security with powerful hardware-based 256-bit encryption.
  • Remote access with intuitive, web-based management interface, allowing customers to designate user access manually or integrate with Microsoft® Active Directory.

Detailed product overviews are available via the product links above.

What would you do with 12 TBs of storage?

Small businesses in data intensive industry verticals are perfect environments for Seagate’s new high capacity NAS products. Seagate’s 3TB based NAS solutions provide greater flexibility and relief to businesses with higher than normal data growth and protection needs.  Examples of this include: performing full system back-ups on multiple office PCs, digitizing and safely preserving patient records, building and protecting large HD digital video or image libraries, etc…  Seagate’s new 12 TB 440 NAS solution, can comfortably provide up to 8 TBs of RAID 5 level storage protection.  While you might not have a need to digitally store 1 million phone books, it isn’t very hard to think of a variety of ways to make good use of 12 terabytes of storage.

These new high-capacity network attached storage solutions are ideal for data intensive small business applications (ie medical, professional services, real estate offices etc..) with little or no IT support and constrained IT budgets.  These products are also great solutions for high-capacity minded prosumers (ie videographers) who have healthy appetites for storage but also have limited budgets.

Seagate’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for its new 12 TB BlackArmor NAS 440 is $1,899.99.  This price point is equivalent to:  purchasing a new Apple MacBook Pro laptop (500G/15”) for the office or taking a multi-day business trip (airfare, hotel, etc..).  From a technology and affordability standpoint, it is remarkable to think about how quickly 12 terabytes has become within reach for SMBs and consumers alike.  Just 15 years ago, a similar 12 TB storage solution would have cost over $12 million dollars.   Seagate’s new high capacity network storage solutions are amazing products designed to meet the challenges of today’s digital world.

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