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Do You…Backup?

Protecting information is serious business and SMBs are not immune.

As illustrated in Symantec’s 2010 SMB Information Security survey, SMBs are getting serious about protecting their data. Losing confidential information is costly, and new threats are emerging from many places – mobile workers, consumerization of IT, cyber attacks…

Here is a short summary of the findings:

-          74% are Somewhat/Extremely concerned about information protection

-          42% lost confidential/proprietary information in the past 12 months

-          100% saw losses – lost revenue & direct financial costs

-          In the past year, 62% lost devices and 73% saw cyber attacks

So, when I jumped to the Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery section, I was getting pretty excited to see what plans were in place.  And, here they were:

-          47% of respondents never backup

-          39% said it never occurred to them to do so

-          50% uses the same software for backup and archiving

-           43% have no plans and/or no formal plans for a disaster preparedness

Blissfully unaware? I don’t think so.

Storage vendors (software, hardware and services alike) have a responsibility to make the back up process second nature for SMBs; Come up with simple storage tiering strategies, and offer reliable, easy to use backup solutions…

Clearly, we’re not there yet…


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